A Utah original that launched the world's largest corn maze family

From the beginning, our goal has been to provide an enjoyable and educational source of good farmin' fun to the community. When Brett Herbst, a Brigham Young  University agribusiness graduate who grew up on an Idaho farm, launched his first corn maze in 1996, he drew most of his knowledge  and motivation from his roots.   


The idea sparked by a similar venture he had read about in a farming magazine, Brett's original labyrinth in American Fork, Utah was the largest corn maze created in the western United States. It didn't take long for news of the "corny" attraction to spread and after drawing 18,000 people in only three weeks during the fall of '96, The MAiZE was born.

Now 25 years later, The MAiZE has grown into the world's largest cornfield maze company. More than 3,600 mazes, a Guinness record and seven countries later — we've seen millions of people around the world get lost in our corny creations.

Though we spend much of the year working with the 280+ MAiZE locations around the world, our original location here in Utah is where you'll find us each fall. Cornbelly's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Fest is really a labor of love for Brett and Nicole Herbst, family and friends. A lot has changed since our early days, as each year we travel the country looking for new ideas and ways to improve. 

Each October guests visit us for a spectacular and long-standing fall experience. Each seem to come for a different reason. Some love the smiles on their kids faces as they ride the cow train and pick their favorite pumpkin. Others visit year after year for the challenge of a new corn maze design. This season marks our 25th and a few of you have explored the paths of each and every maze we've created since 1996.

Regardless of what initially drew you to us, in the end we hope it's the memories and traditions that keep you coming back. We take great pride in the role we play as a wholesome family entertainment destination, and we hope to continue growing and improving year after year. 

Our Mission Statement

As a team, we strive to use resources entrusted to us by God to cultivate happiness and lasting memories for all guests, by providing uniquely-fun experiences rooted in agriculture.


What began as a dream to pursue my passion for agriculture, share it with others and create a fulfilling way of life for my family, has become so much more.  Not only has this helped to preserve the heritage of the small family farm, but it's also brought millions of visitors back to the farms we love.

MAiZE Founder & Cornbelly's Owner

1999 Guinness World Record Maze Design.