Utah's Original

"At Cornbelly’s, Halloween meets Disneyland. And the corn maze? It’s the star of the show." Best Things Utah


Celebrating 25 years of both Cornbelly's and Toy Story, this year's 8-acre corn maze pays tribute to one of the most beloved movies of all time! Grab a Toy Story interactive passport before entering the maze and use it to help guide your way toward the exit, as you answer Toy Story trivia along the way. 

This maze - which typically takes approx. 30 minutes to complete - is completely separate from our haunted Insanity Point maze and is family friendly from open to close.

Cornbelly's is part of the world's largest corn maze family.


Cornbelly's is home to Utah's original corn maze, owned & operated by the founder of The MAiZE, which launched a worldwide maze craze in 1996 that now includes 280+ mazes worldwide. To learn more about our story & see past designs, click on the box below.